Glenn B. Johnson

A Smartvestor pro

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Strategies, LLC works for you. Broker dealers sell investments for commission.  I advise my clients with no incentive to recommend one security over another. I have a fiduciary responsibility to you alone.

Just as you are an original masterpiece, so should be your strategy.

- Glenn B. Johnson

Choosing an Advisor

With wise counsel we can make better decisions and get better results.  Here’s what my advisors have in common…

  • ‍Years of experience in their field
  • They have solid character.  (Their words match their actions.)
  • They practice what they preach.
  • They keep good company & associations.
  • They’ve overcome adversity.

Investments - Risk Tolerance vs. Risk Ability
Insurance - What’s the point of insurance?
Planning - Financial Independence

The Formula For Wealth

Unfortunately for most of us, life has to kick us in the teeth before we recognize the seriousness of needing to gain financial control over our lives.  With all the complexities of a rapidly changing economic environment it can feel too overwhelming to even begin.  Therefore, before stepping into the financial ring you’ve got to know what you’re up against. That said, creating success may be simpler than you may think.  Wealth can be explained by a single formula.

As published in Forbes, I explain the timeless formula for wealth. Read full article >>

As published in Forbes, I talk about Guarenteed Success. Read full article >>

Dave Ramsey & Financial Tools

If you’ve gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, you’ve already taken some of the most important steps towards financial independence.  As you gain increasing control over your money it’s important to prepare for what’s next.  We were not called to simply survive but to thrive.  Let your success with financial stewardship set a great example.  Dave Ramsey’s financial systems have produced tremendous results for those who diligently applied the biblical principles he teaches.  As we take our financial success to the next level, it’s critical to seek the right advise.

Many people can pass securities exams and have access to all the financial tools.  Having access to them is one thing; it’s another to know which ones to use and how to use them well.

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